Nas4Free – Increase Storage by Replacing Disks

This how to video goes through increasing storage capacity by replacing the existing disks with larger drives.

Click here for written tutorial

  • Riccardo Redaelli

    Hi, I’ve a question! I want to expand my ZFS1 pool (4x500GB) by replacing the disks (4x2TB) using your procedure. I didn’t see in your procedure any formatting phase of the disks. I’m asking that because the new disks I’ll buy are pre-formatted in NTFS (basically this is true for all commercial disks). So, I’ve to format them before resilvering or it will be done automatically by the nas4free system during the resilvering procedure?

    Thank you,


    • @riccardoredaelli:disqus Hi mate. That’s a great question! It’s been a while but i think it’s actually best not to format it. It’s actually best if you shut it down change one drive over then do the instructions exactly as in the video. whatever you do don’t clear and import the drive until the silvering is complete. its causes lots of issues if you do before the silvering. Also keep the original disk just in case something happens and you can’t replace the drive. If that happens then just plug the original back in and import the drive back and then you can start again. Please make sure you have a backup of your data in case something goes wrong. good luck and let us know if you have any issues.