Nas4Free – Update ownCloud Manually on Nas4Free

This video shows how to update your ownCloud manually following the official user manual produced by ownCloud. This ownCloud is running on a NAS4Free Box and we’ll be using putty to ssh into the box to run the commands.

Official manual here:

  • Regulated

    Hi Mate,

    Thanks very much for all your guides. I have got NAS4FREE and Owncloud working quite well with all desktops. One thing I have not been able to get working correctly is owncloud using Foldersync Lite off the mobile. I am able to test the login details, create a folder pair, create a new folder and save but when I try to sync all I get is the error “Expectation Failed”. After a bit of research I am thinking it is lighttpd.conf but I am lost in how to fix it, nothing seems to work.
    I am running NAS4FREE and Owncloud 8.02. Thanks for any advice.

    • @Regulated82:disqus Hi Mate, sorry i’ve never used that app before so i can’t help. Why not just use the owncloud official app?

      • Regulated

        Thanks for the reply. I have the official owncloud app but unfortunately it will not sync random device folders phone to server only server to phone. It is apparently on the cards but until then you have to manually upload each time. I’ll keep looking for a solution.


  • Dom