Note 3 LolliPop – Root using CF-Auto-Root

This video goes through how to gain Root access using CF-Auto-Root then install TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) and then install Gapps for bootloader 5.0 on the Galaxy Note 3.

Click here for written tutorial.

  • CF-Auto-Root -> this app does exactly what it says it will automatically root your phone. Please read this forum and you will find the links to download on the 3rd post. Make sure to download the SM-N9005 (International Qualcomm) version as this version will work for KitKat. The other link for the SM-N9006 will only work for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.
  • TWRP -> TWRP is an alternative to CWM which is a custom recovery program that will replace the stock android one and will allow us to have much more freedom to install applications onto the phone BUT won’t work unless you have successfully rooted the phone first

  • Gapps -> this is Google’s propriety application to allow you to access the Play Store. The reason we have to do this on this particular phone is that the SM-N9006 is specifically made for the Chinese market and there’s no Play Store in china.
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  • I don’t want to install any custom ROMS etc. All I want is root access to remove bloatware. SM-900A AT&T. tried Kingo with failed twice and OneClick which said not supported even though it is listed on their site as being supported. Have spent hours researching and have a long list of URLS and the more I look the more confused I get.

    Most forums people say how easy it is and point to both one-click root apps that won’t work.

    • @paulkruger:disqus
      Hi mate from what I’ve read AT&T lock the boot loaders themselves that’s why you’re have issues with the root process. Unfortunately this method won’t work either -> Sorry but doesn’t look good for the 900A version.

  • Lou

    Hi, I have sm-n9005 and noticed only at the end that you say this only works for the sm-n9006. Are you saying that there is not root solution for the 9005 with lollipop? Currently I am still on 4.3 Jellybean but am wondering what the best course is to rooting lollipop. I was going to let the ota install and do this but now I’m confused

    • @disqus_K007GENlLr:disqus It should work no problem on the N9005 just make sure that all the files are specifically for the N9005.

      • Lou

        Many thanks I shall give it a go. I had rooted JB with towelroot and still got OTA updates up to the last version of JB but when the OTA for Kitkat came it failed so I’ll need to go manual from here on and then root with CF,