LocsLikes LockDown is a data backup utility for Windows 7 and newer Operating Systems and is designed to utilize some of Microsoft’s very powerful built in utilities that are well known within the tech community but usually hidden away to the average user. Namely RoboCopy and Volume Shadow Services.

LockDown has been designed to take away the clutter and confusion all wrapped in an easy to use graphical user interface and only utilizing options that have been tested to give the best result between speed and reliability.



LockDown is configured to only copy new data onto your backup. So after your first full backup, subsequent copies will scan for only new or newer files and only copy them saving time.


LockDown is also configured to create a mirror of your active data meaning if you delete a file that you no longer need it will also delete it from the backup freeing up space and not cluttering the backup with old files that you will never need again. Although if you do want to keep multiple copies you can chose to keep up to 7 days worth of data using the “Rotate” option.


RoboCopy essentially stands for Robust File Copy and was written by Microsoft over 10 years ago and has been in use by administrators all over the world to move data around reliably both locally and across the internet.


  • Simple and Easy to use interface
  • Backup locked files or files that are currently in use
  • Easy to read log files which give an overview of what has been copied
  • Designed to Replicate multiple sources onto multiple destinations
  • Copy data to USB, across a network to a NAS or another PC


Before you can use the LockDown you’ll need to have .Net 4.5 installed. You can get it from here from the Microsoft website.

Once downloaded simply run and click Install and within under a minute you will be up and running.


Right off the bat LocDN has been designed to be a data replicator with a super simple, easy to use graphical user interface.

Click here to find out how the program works.


Your backups are only as good as its logs no? After all what good is a backup if you don’t know what has or hasn’t been done?

RoboCopy has excellent logging capabilities but we have enhanced them further to save you time by creating a detailed summary for quick “glanceability”

Click here to see sample logs.

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