How to Install NAS4Free

Installing Nas4Free is a relatively painless process and will only take about 10 minutes of your time.

What you’ll need:

  • The ISO or IMG file burnt onto CD or bootable USB from the Nas4Free website
  • Free USB 1GB or larger OR dedicated boot drive of any size

Note that once we install the OS onto the boot drive it will no longer be used so if possible choose an old or as small as possible drive. There are ways to use the left over space but that’s not covered in this particular install.

Before we start head over to the website click on download and follow the links until you get to the page where you can download the latest iso file. Burn this iso onto a cdrom and boot from the cdrom.


First boot from iso or img this is what you will see.2 Install Nas4Free
If installing onto USB now is the time to insert it otherwise select 9 from the options to install.

Choose your choice of installation and press ok. Recommended install is option 12a Nas4Free
You will then be asked for the source or installation media select and press ok to continue
2c Nas4Free
Select the destination BUT choose carefully and press ok to install2d Boot Disk
Once the installation completes reboot the server to continue the configuration process.2e Installed embedded on disk

Now that you’ve installed it, it’s time to configure it. Click here to continue.

Note: remember to remove the installation CD or USB so it doesn’t go through the installation process again