4. How To Root

Part 3 of 4. How to root using SuperOneClick and install clockworkmod.

Click here for written tutorial.


  • Motorola Defy drivers – Motorola drivers which will allow the pc to see the phone.
  • Original Defy Rom Sbf files for your Defy – The original SBF file to take the phone back to default
    • The site for the original sbf files is no longer available. I have provided a copy of the sbf file that i used in the video here.
    • Please note that this is for the local Telstra Australia ROM and I can’t guarantee it will work for your Defy.
  • RSD Lite (flasher for defy) –  an application to flash the sbf file onto the phone
  • SuperOneClick – as the name implies this application will allow you to root your defy with one click
    • scroll to the bottom of the first post and download directly from the xdaforum site
  • 2nd Init – this app basically allows us to install custom recovery which in turns allows us to install custom roms
  • CM10 – this is the rom itself
  • Gapps – google apps to allow us to access the google play store – this is propriety software written by google and is not allowed to be included with the open source roms thus we have to install it separately
    • NOTE it’s important to download to correct version of gapps for the rom