Rooting Your Motorola Defy using SuperOneClick

Rooting Your Motorola Defy

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Unfortunately you can’t use the device until you setup a Motoblur account so go ahead and do that. Then setup the WiFi and log into the Google store as we’ll need a few apps from the store to do the next part.

  • Turn on USB debugging on the phone by doing the following
    • Settings -> Application -> Development -> USB Debugging -> OK
  • Connect the USB cable and select none
    • Make sure the phone is NOT in Mass storage mode otherwise it will fail
  • Wait for the PC to detect the Defy
  • Open up where you downloaded SuperOneClick and run it
  • Click Root at the top – it will now run through and do some funky stuff
Root using SuperOneClick

Root using SuperOneClick

  • Click no at the popup to install busybox
  • Click yes on the next box if you want to test otherwise just click no
  • In the box on the right it should also say Killing ADB and restarting as root… enjoy!
Root Success with SuperOneClick

Root Success with SuperOneClick

  • Now reboot the phone and enjoy


Now that we have successfully rooted the Defy it’s now time to install a custom recovery so we can install a custom rom… in this case CyanogeMod 10 Android 4.1.2.

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